About Us

My Robo Box is an unit of Iwiz Android Robo Pvt Ltd to provide Robotic Kit Boxes and Components to School and College Students at their door step, such that the young minds can build, program and innovate Robots.

  • It's fun and learn concept, i.e enjoy to learn. My Robo Box enables the students to
  • learn about various mechanical, electrical and electronic components
  • assemble various Robots based on the pre-designed steps
  • learn to program the Robot
  • program the same Robot for various concepts
  • think a concept, innovate an own Robot and program it.

Iwiz Android Robo Pvt Ltd

Iwiz Android Robo Pvt Ltd is a Robotic Education Company taking Robotics to School and College Students. Apart from My Robo Box, Iwiz Android Robo Pvt Ltd have various units as below:

Androd Robo

Android Robo brings Robotic Education to School Students at School's premises as Curriculum.


IIR brings Robotic Education to College Students in the form of Workshop and Lab-Setup.

Robo Station

Robo Station is a Robotic training division where School and College Students can walk-in to our centres to get one-to-one training on Robotics.